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Website Management


Option 1 - Creation of New Website:  I have a simple workbook that we can use to develop the content for the creation of your new website.  In as little as one in person meeting and a few emails, we can have your website up and running. 

  Pricing=$1,000.00*  ($300 Deposit; $500 at Launch; $200 at Completion)

  *Pricing includes cost of domain registration and hosting for one year.  Ongoing costs are approximately $75/year.


Option 2 - Transfer of Existing Website:  If you already have an existing website and just want a new look but need to keep most of your existing content, I can help with this too!  Due to the decreased time required in planning, I am able to offer a lower rate.

  Pricing=$750.00 ($300 Deposit; $450 at Launch)


Option 3 - Assistance with Current Web-Based Website: If you already have an existing website but need some help in figuring how to best utilize the system, I may be able to help.  I'd love to sit and discuss over a free consultation!


Option 4 - Mobile Website:  Add on a mobile website to your main page for a streamlined and quick look at your main website.







Marketing Services


Creativity is a wonderful strength to have when marketing a business but oftentimes the business owner may be 'too close' to their product or service to be able to effectively pick out the highlights to market.  Whether you need simple business cards, yard signs, car door magnets, or promotional items, please consider my services to help you find the best vendors with the greatest value.  Your time is the most expensive asset you own!  Tell me your vision and concept, then let me take care of these tasky items.

  • Business Cards / Loyalty Cards =$40 for 250; $50 for 500; $70 for 1,000

  • Postcards (Standard Size)=$20 for 50; $40 for 100; $70 for 250 (+ Postage)

  • Trifold Brochures=$40 for 25; $80 for 50; $150 for 100

  • Rack Cards=$30 for 50; $60 for 100; $120 for 250

  • Gift Certificates =$15 for 10; $25 for 20; $40 for 40

  • Lawn / Yard Signs (Small)=$100 for 5; $200 for 10; $360 for 20

  • Lawn / Yard signs (Large)=$180 for 5; $360 for 10; $640 for 20

  • Bumper Stickers (Rectangle or Oval)=$8 for 1; $40 for 5; $80 for 10

  • Window Decals =$15 for Small; $25 for Large

  • Car Door Magnets =$25 for Small; $40 for Large

  • Engraved Pens=$70 for 5; $280 for 25; $1,000 for 100

  • Ceramic Mugs=$120 for 5; $500 for 20; $1,100 for 50

  • Can Coolers=$50 for 5; $180 for 25; $350 for 50

  • Mouse Pads=$75 for 5; $150 for 10; $300 for 20


Have another idea or other quantities in mind that are not listed above?  Send me a quick email, text, or phone call to inquire about the endless possibilities!


*All marketing services pricing includes design, electronic proof, materials, and shipping!!  No hidden fees or extra costs. 

Websites & Marketing


No marketing department at your disposal?  No problem!  Today's technology has evolved to a point where building an amazing website or designing & printing marketing materials no longer has to cost a fortune.  The concept is simple - I help you harness web-based user-friendly solutions then customize to fit your organization's (or personal) goals.  It's really that easy!  Let me help and show you how.

Call Christen TODAY! Let's get started!

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