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Career Coaching


Trying to start a career can be intimidating.
Looking for a new job is exhausting. 

Losing a job can be traumatic. 


However, if you believe that everything happens for a reason and want to regain a positive outlook on your next steps, I'd love to help you find a few new doors to open.  Let's get started today .. contact me now to find a time when we can chat.   


After reviewing thousands of resumes over a period of five years, I have gotten pretty good at reading them quickly and knowing what a RECRUITER is looking for.  I offer several services associated with your resume:


Resume Reformatting:  If you already have good resume content but maybe it just doesn't look good enough to you, I will reformat your resume in a new style that you select ..... $30


Resume Renovation + Cover Letter:  If you need to add more information to your existing resume or possibly need to start from scratch, we can work together to build your resume and add a matching cover letter that will provide the impact needed to set YOU apart from hundreds of other applicants ..... $75.


I will provide you with Word and Adobe PDF copies of your files so that you can maintain the content and make changes as needed.

Job Board Postings

Applying for a job should be easy, right?  Although nearly all employment applications are completed online, they can take up to 30-45 minutes to complete.  This can be exhausting and demoralizing, especially when the responses can be few and far between.


In addition, it is critically important to identify the proper job boards to find the kinds of positions that match your skills and abilities as well as to locate other websites that allow you to post your information for review by potential employers who may be looking for you first.  There are thousands of job boards out there.


Job Board Management Set Up:  Allow me to help you organize your job search in an Excel Spreadsheet table, tracking things such as websites, date of application, and the many, many log ins that you may have to create along the way .... $25


Job Board Action Plan:  Let's work together to identify the best job boards to apply to.  I will help you locate a minimum of 10 job boards to apply to and fill out the Job Board Management Spreadsheet (above) .... $50


Job Board Applications:  Once a list of job boards or actual jobs have been identified, I would be happy to create accounts for those sites and submit applications for you (if permissible by the individual company websites) .... $25 per Application

Interview Practice

In today's world, if you MAKE IT to an interview, you have got to shine.  If you do not have prior practice in telling your story, you may get extremely nervous or leave details out - right when it matters most!


In addition, potential employers are using a variety of different types of interviewing questions designed to not only learn your work history and how you've specifically handled situations in the past but also to test your ability to think critically and respond to non-job-related scenarios. 


In an interview practice with me, not only will you have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of common and uncommon questions, you will also have the opportunity for immediate feedback regarding your interviewing strengths as well as areas of opportunity.  Sign up for as many sessions as you'd like.  Questions are practically unlimited!


$75 for 30 Minute Telephone Interview + 30 Minute Follow Up

$125 for 45 Minute In Person Interview + 30 Minute Follow Up


In addition to interview practice, I will also provide you with Post Interview Etiquette Tips.  These suggested guidelines will help you, once again, stand out from the crowd and make a lasting and memorable impression with your future employer of choice.

Profile Set Up

If you are not yet a member of LinkedIn, now is the time!  With over 300 million members, it is one of the most used resources for recruiters today - in every industry!


Many job boards will automatically connect your LinkedIn profile to your application (with your permission), which is why it is important to showcase the same message from your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. 


I'd love to help create your LinkedIn account and show you how to use all of the features to get the most out of your FREE! account.


$50 for LinkedIn profile, detailed job history, and creation of unique and catchy headline. 

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