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Recruiting & Hiring


If there is a top area of expertise at Butler Consulting, it is RECRUITING!  We love the thrill of the 'hunt' and the search to find the best talent.  Our talent is in determining the parameters of your search, organizing the data, and then presenting the top candidates for your selection.  From simple subcontractor help to full cycle recruiting services, our team of experts is ready to help!  Contact us today!

Full Cycle & Subcontractor Services

There can be a lot of moving parts when it comes to recruiting, especially if there is more than one open job at a time.  We are interested in helping in a part time, subcontract capacity to just assist with the overflow for your recruiting team OR we are happy to jump right in with full cycle recruiting services.


From the creation of job postings and interview guides to resume review and coordination of initial interviews to the completion of telephone prescreens and collection of references.  We take your hiring process and eliminate the busiwork of the initial stages of recruiting that can be so time consuming and allow you to work only with the top 10% of applicants, expediting your search for talent.

Candidate Searches

Having a difficult time finding candidates for your positions?  We'd love to help.  We have experience in utilizing a variety of traditional resources such as, Craigslist, and other online job boards.


We also have a sourcing team that can assist in directly targeting and 'head hunting' the kind of talent that you are looking for.  This is especially critical in specialty industries.

Reference Checks

References are a critical piece of the puzzle but are often overlooked.  Allow us to take care of this component for you.  Our recruiting experts are available almost 24 hours a day and always 7 days a week to connect with nearly anyone's busy schdule.

Job Postings & Interview Guides

Do you just need help in creating a catchy job posting and spreading the word about your great opportunity?  We'd love to help get the word out!  In addition to creative writing, we also offer research services to determine the best posting locations for your industry and position offered.


Perhaps you need a more consistent way to speak with candidates and compare notes?  We'd love to help you by crafting an interview guide that will capture not just the right skills but the right culture fit for your new team member.

Telephone Prescreens

Our team of recruiting experts are available nearly 24 hours a day and always 7 days a week which allow us to contact candidates quicker than a traditional corporate recruiting team.  Most prescreens take 30-60 minutes and include notes that are nearly a script of the conversation as well as detailed job history notes, skill set feedback, and culture fit evaluation.

Candidate Database

So, what works and what doesn't work?  What step is each candidate in?  We specialize in creating simple yet functional Excel databases to keep track of all of the candidates in process so that you know in a moment what status every candidate is in as well as the total productivity of your recruiting project.

Candidate Letters

We can help with candidate turn down letters and offer letters.

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